We are so glad for you, you are doing an investment in health, relaxation and fun.

We can take to your home one of our customised barrel saunas or hot tubs or supply you one of our standard design and size.




Model              Sizes                          Places          Amount


SP-250            D:1.95 x 2.50 m         4-6              4.875 €



Includes thermometer, wooden bucket, spoon, sand clock, practicable ground level, headrests, Harvia wood stove and essences. 





Model      Sizes                                       Places           Amount


TS-160    Fir tree      D:1.60 x 1.0 m       4-6               2.460 €

TA-190   Larch tree  D:1.90 x 1.0 m       6-8               3.370 €


Boiler wood protection, glass holders and essences included. 


Prices include foot truck transport and unloading in a radius of 50 km from Mataró, for more distance please contact us.


VAT are not included.